Nerys Mathias is an artist who works with photography, film, sculpture, installation and painting. Her recent projects include “The Backdrop Paintings” - exploring the relationship of “selfies”, painting and portraiture. “Selfie Disrupter” - provides an alternative to the selfie by taking traditional portraits with hand painted backdrops. “Touched Up” -the resulting images of exquisite, dying flowers, hand gestures and darkness invite the viewer to be consumed with western culture's complex response to age and mortality. This led to the “Pencil Test” film that is toured with Empire II that started its journey at the Venice Biennale 2017 and finished in Oaxaca, Mexico at MACO 2019.

"Eye eye" - a small sculpture shown in "Minisucule" a group exhibition at the Venice Biennale won the Mniscule Art Award, chosen by by a panel of judges including Joanne Shurvell / FORBES.COM, London; Luca Berta & Francesca Giubilei / VENICE ART FACTORY, Venice; Vera Pilpoul / Independent Art Curator, Tel Aviv;Edoardo Cimadori / VAP, Venice; Laura Cornejo / Art historian, writer and independent curator, Barcelona; Laura Omacini, Marta Naturale & Chiara Enzo / Venice Art Academy, Venice; Sara Faith & Paul Carter Robinson / ARTLYST International, London.

Nerys Mathias was born in Wales and lives in London. She achieved her Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2015.

Covid-19, lockdown and artist support pledge

When Covid – 19 changed the world it took me a long time before I could produce artwork. I still …
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RCA Hidden 2020

I fund myself by working at the Royal College of Art as a technician, managing the three digital print labs …
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Eye Eye – Venice Biennale 2019

For this year’s Venice Biennale I had to keep to 5cm x 3cm x 3cm. To continue the theme of …
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“Mine” -Cross Lane Projects

For Miniscule Part2 – and exhibition at Cross Lane Projects in Kendal over 220 artists took up the invitation from …
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How to make a Polite Protest by creating a short film

In February 2019 I travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico to deliver a workshop with fellow artist Anita Bryan as part of …
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The Backdrop Paintings

This current project evolved form the “Selfie Disrupter” series of photographic portraits: a reaction and contemplation of the phenomenon of …
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Selfie Disrupter – the images

On the 30th September and 1st October 2017 I took 40 portraits as part of open studios at Deborah House, …
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Selfie Disrupter

This weekend alongside Sluice Biennial http://www.sluice.info/ Deborah House Studio is opening to the public. I will be there Saturday 30th …
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Self portraits as Patriarchal Painters, 2007

In 2006 I began a series: “Self Portraits as Dead Iconic Patriarchal Painters” to deal with the contradictory emotions involved …
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Residencies at ArToll 2012+2014

Directional Forces 2012 Artoll, Bedburg-Hau, Germany www.artoll.de Residency: 4-18 March 2012 Viewing: 17 March 2012 1pm – 5pm Martin Barrett …
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The Pencil Test, 2016

In response to the theme of Anxiety I created a short film that is being shown at the 57th Venice …
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Treasure, 2009

In 2009 I saw a call for art for an exhibition called: Travelling Light at the WW Gallery London. They …
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CSM, Escapist Magazine, 1998

My education at St Martins, under the tutelage of Keith Wilson and Bruce Gernand, gave me an understanding of conceptual …
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MA Show, Byam Shaw, 2005

Using photography as a tool to gather evidence this series manifests itself as square images; a building block system used …
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couple, red, nude, dark

Intimacy and distance

As the Witnessing Woman series matures I recognise that distance has become an important element in my photography. I mean …
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eye, nude male

The Nude Male – curated by Julie Cook and Nerys Mathias, 2015

The Nude Male Curated by Julie Cook and Nerys Mathias 18-20th March 2015, AVA Gallery, University of East London The …
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Gestures, 2014

During a residency in Germany in 2014 I photographed myself making gestures, thinking about relationships and sex and playing with …
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