Self portraits as Patriarchal Painters, 2007

In 2006 I began a series: “Self Portraits as Dead Iconic Patriarchal Painters” to deal with the contradictory emotions involved with looking within the cannon of art history as an artist working today. As a female artist using photography my desire to join the exclusive group of male painters, whose work I love and identify […]

MA Show, Byam Shaw, 2005

Using photography as a tool to gather evidence this series manifests itself as square images; a building block system used to put images together and give an equal value to each image. The square format is used to give the work neither portrait nor landscape status. Each image is made to be seen on its […]

CSM, Escapist Magazine, 1998

My education at St Martins, under the tutelage of Keith Wilson and Bruce Gernand, gave me an understanding of conceptual rigor and a critical eye. I was provided with access to the London contemporary art scene, and introduced to contemporary art theory. It was here that I was exposed to the YBA’s, feminist art theory […]