Eye Eye – Venice Biennale 2019

For this year’s Venice Biennale I had to keep to 5cm x 3cm x 3cm. To continue the theme of a feminist gaze I created a small sculpture that used an photograph of my husband’s bum placed within the iris of my hand drawn eye. The drawing laser cut into mirrored acrylic. The mirrored acrylic […]

“Mine” -Cross Lane Projects

For Miniscule Part2 – and exhibition at Cross Lane Projects in Kendal over 220 artists took up the invitation from Vanya Balogh to submit a diminutive art object of any genre or media but with one simple proviso: the maximum size of the work is that of the common matchbox; 2” by 1.5”. I created […]

How to make a Polite Protest by creating a short film

In February 2019 I travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico to deliver a workshop with fellow artist Anita Bryan as part of the EmpireII, After Extinction Exhibition. THE exhibition was showing my film “The Pencil Test, 2017” and the imagined film still “Immutable Beauty”. In a predictable move when I posted the images – which is of […]

The Backdrop Paintings

This current project evolved form the “Selfie Disrupter” series of photographic portraits: a reaction and contemplation of the phenomenon of taking “selfies” in front of art. Like Holbein’s “The Ambassadors” the backdrop to the protagonists is a display of knowledge and wealth. For those with enough funds you can tag your knowledge of contemporary art […]

Selfie Disrupter – the images

On the 30th September and 1st October 2017 I took 40 portraits as part of open studios at Deborah House, Hackney. The series is called “Selfie Disrupter”. I offered to take portraits in front of a hand painted backdrop using my vintage Hasselblad. There was a choice of two backdrops. One inspired by icons, the […]

Selfie Disrupter

This weekend alongside Sluice Biennial http://www.sluice.info/ Deborah House Studio is opening to the public. I will be there Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October 12-6pm. As an anti-selfie I will be taking portraits with my vintage Hasselblad using my hand painted backdrops. The backdrops are inspired by photographic backdrops by Sarah Oliphant, the painted […]

The Pencil Test, 2016

In response to the theme of Anxiety I created a short film that is being shown at the 57th Venice Biennale in a satellite project devised and curated by Vanya Balogh. The resulting film is “The Pencil Test”. We are so used to the sexualised bodies of celebrities and porn stars that exposing a normal […]

Intimacy and distance

As the Witnessing Woman series matures I recognise that distance has become an important element in my photography. I mean ‘distance’ to refer to the physical and psychological distance that the artist has with her subject and the ways in which the photographs play with the physical and psychological distance of the viewer. For example […]

The Nude Male – curated by Julie Cook and Nerys Mathias, 2015

The Nude Male Curated by Julie Cook and Nerys Mathias 18-20th March 2015, AVA Gallery, University of East London The Nude Male presents ten female photographers using the male nude in their practice. The exhibition spans work made in Paris in the 1930’s, political feminist work from the 70s and 90s, and contemporary work from […]

Residencies at ArToll 2012+2014

Directional Forces 2012 Artoll, Bedburg-Hau, Germany www.artoll.de Residency: 4-18 March 2012 Viewing: 17 March 2012 1pm – 5pm Martin Barrett (UK), Cedric Christie (UK), Garry Doherty (UK), Paul Helliwell (UK), Sally Labern (UK), Ivan Lam (Malaysia), Lesley Logue (UK), Sian Mooney (UK), Mark Sowden (UK), Nerys Mathias (UK), Lewis Paul (UK), Dean Todd (UK), Hedley […]